Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Sunday Mornings

Happy Sunday...I have so much to do today, but like the bed in this picture, mine too was very difficult to get out of this morning. Only the longing for coffee and toast with a tiny sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar could pull me out from under the covers.
One thing that is truly divine....SUNSHINE!! After what seems like forever with thick, heavy, snow filled clouds, we have bright, mood-lifting sun this morning. I spent a few quiet, extra minutes looking out my kitchen window at the beauty of it well...


  1. I would have stayed in that lovely room a bit longer, too!

    I was just thinking this morning about how gloomy and gray it is and longing for a peek of sunshine. Not to be... more snow tonight, ;(

  2. you always have the best pics! Happy Sunday to you! Have a good day!