Saturday, December 15, 2012

With a Heavy Heart

Considering the tragedy that unfolded in Connecticut, I didn't feel right blogging about beautiful homes, expensive evening gowns or decadent jewelry without a thought or mention of the lives that were forever changed in a instant yesterday morning.
As a mother myself, I cannot fathom the pain the families of those children must be going through and I cannot comprehend the amount of grief that must come from the loss of a child.  The educators that gave their lives to save and protect innocent children have become my new definition of Heroes.
I often wonder when tragedies like this happen if we ever truly take the time to stop and realize the blessings we all have.  As we all rush 100 miles an hour toward the holidays with last minute gifts, errands and parties, please take a quiet moment and reflect on your life and what's important.  

1 comment:

  1. Yes indeed, a little more gratitude and joy are needed in my daily routine. I only have one child, and when I saw the news bulletins, I felt so much for that community. So very sad, and made all the sadder by having happened so close to Christmas.Love Linda x