Friday, January 13, 2012

Dining Room Envy

image via splendid willow

Love this grey color and the soft suede texture...The touch of green is perfect!

Have a fantastic Friday!

p.s.  Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my daughter's room...I've called my painter, so let the work begin!

live well...


  1. Love that green floral arrangement. It adds so much life to the room!

  2. Oh yes I do agree this is definitely a room to be envious of! Love Linda x

  3. Indeed, the green of that plant is the right shade for that room. Compared to the softer and mellower colors of that room, the green color is much livelier, giving the room a burst of energy. It completes the room, making it a very comfortable place.

    -Grover Gatchel

  4. “The touch of green is perfect!”- Indeed. It’s truly eye-catching! It’s the one thing that gives a vibrant look to the room. Well, I love the minimalistic appeal that this room has. The room creates a good atmosphere without having so much furniture. Its simplicity certainly made the room look its best! :)

    Allie Carrillo

  5. Grover and Allie are right! The green plant is indeed the room’s centerpiece. The room’s details really speak to me on a very classic level. From the floor, chairs, cabinet, mirror, up to those frames hanging on the wall, bears some resemblance to 17th century English design -- a true classic! And green plant centerpiece only served to give the room a warmer and more attractive atmosphere.

    Gerry Bossier