Monday, August 3, 2015

At last.....

Well, what can I say.  It's been over two years since I have posted here.  Where has the time gone??  I took a break to catch my breath and really never caught it if you know what I mean!  I think we have all been there.  There seems to be just too many things to juggle, too many responsibilities, commitments and deadlines.  I am thankful to those who still follow me and I promise to step it up a little and keep the beautiful posts coming....starting with this one.

My step-daughter got married this weekend at the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville.  Both of my daughters were bridesmaids and these sneak preview candid photos are just breathtaking...I cannot wait to see the the final pictures as the bride was simply stunning.



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  1. Fantastic! I, too, love using my blog to get my design work out there — you’re able to reach so many people. I love how you’ve gone a step further and shown your creative process, you are a true talent.