Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to Nature

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You know how I mentioned in a previous post that I was longing to simplify my life and enjoy this time of year?? Well, it is with much nervous anticipation that we are headed camping and backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains this weekend.  We are on fall break from school and I made a last minute (crazy) decision to get away from EVERYTHING. Don't let this impulse decision fool you.... I'm no nature girl.  I will miss my iphone, ipad, and my DVR, but I think its good for the soul to unplug and have some down time.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my girls will adapt to the wilderness...I'm sure they will do just fine!

Wish me well!

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  1. Being away from the electronics will be a sort of freedom for you I know it is for me and I don’t own a cell phone or ipad just my computer that I can walk away from anytime.

    Enjoy your weekend!