Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Office Redo

image via

I'm ready for a serious office redo....several years ago I realized that since I work out at a local gym, I did not need an exercise room in my home too (I DO NOT exercise that much!) so I decided to sell the exercise equipment and change that room into a craft room for my children.  That way all their ribbons, beads, glue sticks could have a home and they could have a place to be creative.

Fast forward to now...I have taken over the craft room and its still somewhere between kiddo creative and adult workspace.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on pulling everything out and turning it into a way cool workspace that I will actually enjoy using!  Its full of beautiful sunlight and even has a small sitting room that would be a fantastic place for coffee in the morning!

I love the vintage/industrial feel of the office above, I think I might use it for inspiration!
I would love to hear what your home office/workspace looks like...
Have a great day!   live well...


  1. Go for it Kristi trust me you'll be in seventh heaven! I've posted about my studio in an 18th century carriage barn and I would move into it if the husband hadn't made me promise I wouldn't, hate that.

    P.S. I received the rosery and I love it! It's now hanging around Luna, a piece of statuary in my studio and I see it everyday, it's really beautiful!

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